Roundtable Report: Building Customer Relationships In the Age Of AI

28 Jul 2023

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On the 8th of June, Trust 3.0 teamed up with award-winning global experience design company  Imagination to host our first-ever co-hosted virtual roundtable.

We were joined by a host of leading industry experts to debate critical data privacy challenges and what businesses can do to mitigate against these and also how to build trusted customer relationships in the age of AI.

Our panellists consisted of experts with cross-industry backgrounds who are leaders in data privacy, technology and political philosophy helping to develop the frameworks and processes for some of the largest organisations in the world.

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We are living through something like a perfect storm for technology. The pandemic accelerated digital transformation, raised geopolitical tensions and increased government subsidies in the race to dominate AI.

We now stand at the inflexion point of the 4th industrial revolution, which brings promise, excitement, and uncertainty. In the race to dominate AI we have seen our data privacy, democracy, and even our human rights impacted.

So, we wanted to get under the surface of some of the biggest challenges facing brands when looking to build customer relationships in the age of AI.


  1. How ethical is it to use implicit data signals?

A transparent data process is fundamental when building a trusted relationship with your customers, and if executed correctly can support innovation rather than stifle it. At every step, customers should be kept informed and offered the chance to op-out.

  1. Where is the value trade-off for brands & consumers?

With great power comes great responsibility, and it is important for any organisation managing customer data to ensure it is being used for its intended purpose only. There is also a need to decouple the value from instant gratification.

  1. How do you leverage new technologies in an ethical way?

Considering the ethical ramifications of any technology should be baked into the strategic planning for launching any new initiative, from vendor profiling to test & learn campaigns. Technology on its own is neutral, it is the use case that supplies the risk.

Who is Trust 3.0?

Trust 3.0 is a data privacy advocacy group, led by data privacy experts who have all galvanised around the notion that both enterprises and society need support when trying to navigate data regulation & legislation, ultimately to ensure equitable relationships for all.

Who is Imagination?

Imagination is an Experience Design Company headquartered in London, with 14 offices worldwide. Founded over 50 years ago on a principle of Independent Creativity - we bring together diverse groups of strategic, creative and practical people to find creative and inspired answers to client challenges. We remain independent to this day.

We have earned a reputation for consistently challenging and changing the status quo, through our core offers of Consulting, Destinations, Content and Live. Imagination’s clients include Ford, IKEA, LVMH, Samsung, Jaguar Land Rover, HSBC, Major League Baseball, Turkish Airlines, Shell and Telstra.

Imagination was awarded silver at Campaign’s Global Brand Experience Agency of the Year Awards 2022, ranked 38 in Newsweek’s UK Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces 2022 and won the Grand Prix award at Campaign Tech Awards for their recent work with Visa Masters of Movement.

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Download the Report Here